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Dealer Program

Join the AlarmForce Team and become an Authorized Dealer!

AlarmForce is one of North America’s leading security companies, providing products and services that protect customers while keeping them connected to what matters most. Our customers recognize us for the breadth of our product line and our amazing customer service. 

As an Authorized Dealer, you can take advantage of the widespread consumer awareness of the AlarmForce brand.




Some reasons to become a dealer:

No ‘Reinvention of the Wheel’ Required
When you invest in an Authorized Dealership, you will have access to its support systems, products, services, logos and more, enabling you to recreate AlarmForce's success at your location.

Brand Awareness
Dealers are allowed to use the AlarmForce branding, trademarks, products and services. This saves you time and money during the start-up phase, as there will be no need to spend large amounts of money trying to establish brand awareness in your area. 

Dealer Support and Training
As an Authorized Dealer, AlarmForce will provide training and consistency in quality of services to ensure success. AlarmForce University, located at our headquarters in Toronto, Ontario, provides you and your staff with all the training you will need to grow your business.

Marketing and Business Development
AlarmForce will keep you up-to-date on business and consumer trends, allowing you to benefit from their marketing and business development initiatives. As a result, you can focus on the day-to-day operation of your business.

Small Business Ownership
As an Authorized Dealer, you will be a small business owner, operating your own business with the strong brand and support of a large service provider with many years of experience and a comprehensive infrastructure to ensure your success.

AlarmForce is a registered member of the CFA

AlarmForce is a CFA member