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Basic Home Security Tips To Keep Burglars At Bay

on Oct 29, 2009

There are many ways to make your home secure, to keep it free from burglaries and break-ins. But if you think it over, all of them aim to achieve the exact same thing. That is to make your residence an uninviting target for the burglar. By employing the various home security methods, whether it's basic precautions or use of home alarm systems, you are actually trying to state very clearly that burglars are not welcome aboard.

It's true that an adept burglar can probably intrude into any home but it's also true that very few of them are around. Most burglars as we have said earlier are opportunists looking for easy targets. Make your home hard to get in and you keep them at bay. Now then, just how would you keep them at bay, how can the home be made unattractive to the burglar. Let's look.

Properly maintain the property

This is one of the most basic things and yet it’s not always done right. A well-maintained yard and surroundings can play their part in discouraging the burglar. Burglars love places to hide and keeping your trees and bushes trimmed regularly cuts down on the hiding spots. Also, make sure any yard or garden tools are not lying around for these can help a burglar break-in.

Keep your property well lit

Lighting is another important aspect that is not often paid proper attention to. As said above burglars like to hide and darkness makes it easier to hide. Some kind of lighting at entry points like doors and windows is something a burglar does not want to see. And if you don't like the idea of having the lights on all the time then you can very well use motion-detector equipped lights. But keeping your home well lit can prove to be a good deterrent against burglars.

Keep the home always occupied

Give the impression that someone is always present even when you are away or out of the home. There are several ways to do this. The easiest trick is turning on the lights when you are gone. Another way is to put lights on timer switches that displays at dusk and goes off later. Such lights would make a person think someone is at home. Even appliances like the Television can be set with such switches. Also don't leave any signs that you aren't at home. Things like newspapers, piled up and letters in the mailbox can convey the message that the home is empty.

Lock the windows and doors

It might be silly to say this but the fact is that many people fail to observe this simple but effective step. By leaving the doors and windows unlocked you are just giving way to the burglar too easily. So make sure that all the doors and windows are properly locked.

By no means is this a complete list. These are some of the very basic things that you can do. In fact you might already know them but the question is that are you putting them to practice. If no is the answer then it's in your interest to get started.