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Monitoring Matters In Home Security

on Nov 05, 2009

As with most others the home security industry also has seen advances on the technology front with the passage of time. New tools and products have been released by companies frequently that provide better protection and promise a more secure life. The good thing is that today even the average home-owner has access to complete home security systems that were used previously only by the big companies and wealthy individuals. One of the most exciting advances have been the development of monitored home alarm systems.

How Alarm Monitoring Works

A monitored home security system allows a security company to remotely monitor your home for signs of burglary, fire, carbon monoxide, or other medical emergencies. The monitoring company first installs its pre-programmed alarm system in a home. If the home already has a system that is not configured for monitoring, the company can re-program and make it ready. Now the security system starts monitoring the premises. When an intrusion takes place it sounds an alarm and alerts the company's central monitoring station using the telephone line. The trained personnel at the station instantly contacts the police or fire service and the home-owner himself.

How Monitoring Helps

Having a monitored security system provides the optimum protection for your home. In addition to providing an extra line of defence, home security systems with remote monitoring services ensure that an intruder will have less time to steal valuables from the house in the event of a break-in. Once the alarm is sounded and the authorities are notified, the likelihood is that the burglar will leave empty handed or, better yet, be caught red handed. They also provide peace of mind to parents leaving children or elderly family members at home alone given that most monitoring services allow one-touch connection with the security company in the event of an emergency.

How AlarmForce Does It

AlarmForce uses live two-way voice technology for its monitoring service. Live two-way voice provides fast communication between your home and our state of the art central station once your alarm is triggered. In the case of a break-in, our certified central station operators are immediately notified and they establish a live audio link between them and your house. This advanced wireless alarm system allows our operators to assess any emergency situations that occur and voice threaten the intruder that the authorities are actually on their way. Live two-way voice is ideal, since it lets us understand any situation, whether a burglary, home invasion or medical emergency is occurring and then deal with the situation instantly and effectively, giving you the ultimate in peace of mind.