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5 Benefits of Burglar-Proof Glass

on Jan 24, 2014

Burglar-Proof GlassEvery property needs protection from burglars. Thieves look for easy targets so with just a few simple steps, it is easy to make your home a less attractive target. Windows are usually the weakest construction element and therefore the easiest way for burglars to access your home. By replacing standard windows with burglar proof security glass, you remove this access point and protect your possessions from theft.

The Benefits

  1. You home will no longer require ugly steel bars on the ground floor or basement windows in order to prevent theft.
  2. Burglar-proof glass has excellent noise suppression values – up to 41 dB – meaning that noises from outside will not disturb you inside your home.
  3. Variety of levels of security depending on the requirements of your home or business.
  4. Look just like standard glass to provide security without sacrificing aesthetics.
  5. Can be installed in virtually any window.

Distinguishing Components

There are several factors that separate burglar-proof windows from standard windows including:

  • Multi-chamber frame for maximum stability;
  • Steel inlays:
  • Burglar-proof security glass;
  • Minimum of seven internal locks mean that window can be secured in vented position;
  • Drill protection;
  • Hardened steel bolts; and
  • Polyurethane foam.

These features work together to create a window that is secure from jamb to jamb and cannot be easily broken, tampered with, or removed.

Levels of Security

There are three main levels of security glass for a variety of purposes from securing homes and small businesses to banks and detox centers. Most residences will likely only require the first level but those with a high security risk such as wealthy families or those with political or diplomatic associations may decide to opt for a higher level of security glass.

Level A: Ideal for homes, businesses, and vacation homes, this type of security glass is tested to DIN 25590 A specifications which require the window to withstand the impact of a 9 lb. steel ball dropped on the window from a height of 30’.

Level B:Ideal for computer labs, jails, police headquarters, detox centers, medical clinics, art galleries, museums, jewelry stores, banks, and homes with higher security risk this level is tested to DIN 55290 B specifications. This specification means that the glass must withstand at least 70 hits with a sharp, machine-driven 4.5 lb. axe.

Level C: This level of security refers to bullet-proof glass which has been tested with various calibers from 9mm to .44 magnum. This type of window can only be ordered with steel reinforced aluminum frames and can be made with built-in alarm wires.