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AlarmForce Keeps Burglars Away

on Oct 25, 2017

The Alarm Industry Research and Educational Foundation (AIREF) conducted a survey in which they asked hundreds of convicted burglars, “What deters you from burglarizing specific targets?”.

The majority of burglars noted they would not break in to a property where there was a wireless alarm system or video surveillance cameras on site. The thieves also emphasized that if they noticed lights or a television turned on inside, they would avoid those properties as well.

Based on that information, here is how Alarmforce can sway burglars away from your home or business.

Dedicated Cellular Connection

The thieves disclosed that it’s easy to cut the phone wires of a traditional alarm system from outside, which would prevent a signal from alerting the alarm company to dispatch the police.

On the other hand, a dedicated cellular alarm system was at the top of the list of deterrents that would make a burglar turn away to find an easier target. A wireless cellular alarm system from Alarmforce has no wires to cut, ensuring a secure connection to our Central Monitoring Station. Burglars know that a signal will be transmitted with a quick response, which makes a property protected by Alarmforce an unwelcoming target for break-ins.

Surveillance Cameras

Next on the list of most effective deterrents for keeping burglars away are video surveillance cameras.

Burglars want to avoid being seen, and with video cameras watching for activity around a property, they face the possibility of being recorded and identified. AlarmForce’s video cameras also send out real-time notifications to your smartphone when activity is recorded, which burglars know would draw attention that something is happening on the premises.

Smart Lights and Plugs

A dark house looks like an empty house, which is exactly the type of target that burglars are looking for. Not only does the house appear vacant, but the darkness also serves as a cover should the burglar decide to enter. Automating your lights to turn on and off gives the impression that someone is there, and lit up areas make it harder for an intruder to remain unnoticed.

Our selection of Z-wave automated lightbulbs and plug-in lamp modules make it easy to automate your indoor and outdoor lights around the premises.

In addition to lights, burglars also look for other signs of activity inside such as televisions or music playing as a reason to avoid breaking into a property. This is where an automated Z-Wave plug from Alarmforce comes in handy as a deterrent for break-ins. Simply plug in any electronic device such as a lamp, radio, or TV into the wall plug, and schedule that device to automatically turn on and off to create a convincing impression that someone is inside, even when nobody is. With the Alarmforce mobile app on your smartphone, you can also conveniently turn the device on and off whenever you want, from wherever you are.                                                                                             

Burglars beware! We’re always home.

A suite of devices from Alarmforce can make your home or business an undesirable target for criminals. We can help you to:

  • Automate lights and wall plugs to remotely turn lights and electronics on and off
  • Use video cameras to record and report activity around your property
  • Install a wireless security system which calls for help if an alarm sensor is triggered

Click here if you’d like more information about our wireless security systems and automation products.