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How to Set up Secure User Codes

on Nov 25, 2017

What's the easiest, most secure and most convenient way to give a trusted visitor access to your home?

Clue: it's not a key hidden under a rock.

The answer is a unique user code. It's a four-digit access code for your AlarmForce security system and smart lock. It's easy to create (and delete), you can restrict it to certain days and times, and you can receive an alert from your AlarmForce mobile app whenever your visitor uses it.

Here's how to set one up.

Head over to and click on ‘Account Login’ at the top of the screen.

AlarmForce Web Login

On the next screen, click in the circle to the left of ‘AlarmForce Access’ and enter your login name and password in the fields that appear below.

AlarmForce Access Login

Once you are logged in, the Alarmforce web user dashboard will appear on your screen.

Click on the ‘Users’ link on the left side menu.

AlarmForce Web Dashboard

After the ‘Users’ page opens, select ‘Users’ at the top of the screen, and click on ‘Add User’ on the right.

AlarmForce Add User Dashboard

In the 'Add User' screen, give your user a name, and specify their access level. You'll want to click the 'Panel Access' icon for them to be able to arm and disarm your system. If you have smart locks, click on ‘Lock Access’ to enable them to unlock and lock your door.

AlarmForce Create User

Next, enter a unique code for your user. When this code is used to disarm your security system and open your door's smart lock, the ‘Activity’ page will identify and log who is accessing your home by the code that is used. The ‘Schedule’ feature allows you to restrict their access to a specific time and day of the week. You can choose 'At All Times', or you can specify certain time windows only when their code will work. For our dog walker example, we're specifying weekday access between 11am and 2pm.

AlarmForce Create User Schedule

Click 'Save' and your new user is created!

Tip: You can now choose to receive alerts to let you know when the Dog Walker enters and leaves, by clicking on ‘Notifications’ in the side menu.

Delete or edit the user code anytime:

If you no longer need to give the user access, the code is easy to delete. Navigate to the Users screen again and find the user code. Then, click the 'trash' icon (circled below) and confirm the deletion.

To change a user's access details without deleting them altogether, click the pencil 'edit' icon, which will take you to an 'Update User' screen where you can change their permissions, the schedule, and four-digit code.

AlarmForce Change User Code

Now that you've created your first user code, you can see how easy it is to create one anytime you need to let a trusted guest into your home.

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