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Home Security Tips Before Travelling

on Jan 17, 2018

With the winter season amongst us, many people plan to take some time-off to travel to warmer climates. Unfortunately, that makes it a popular time of the year for burglars to look for easy opportunities to break-in to vacant homes. Don’t let these intruders put a damper in your vacation memories! This is a perfect time to entrust a smart home security system to protect your property while you’re away.

A home security system from AlarmForce, along with some simple security measures like the ones outlined below, will make your home an uninviting target for burglars.

Smart Home Security Tips

Before rushing out to the airport or heading out on your road trip, be sure to securely lock all you windows and doors. This may seem obvious, but with so much on your mind preparing for your trip, it's easy to overlook. Insert a solid rod into the track of any sliding doors and windows to prevent them from being forced opened.

Next, if you happened to get some awesome gifts this season, try not to advertise this to everyone passing by your home by leaving the boxes outside in plain view. This is a sign that burglars are looking for this time of year to identify which houses have something worth stealing. It may take a little effort on your part, but breaking down the boxes, cutting them up, and packing them inside-out can be the best precaution.

We know how tempting it can be to tweet your friends and family about the exciting travel plans you have, or to post pictures on Facebook from your paradise getaway. Try to refrain from indicating that you are away from home on social networks, as this information can advertise that your property is potentially vacant and an easy target for tech savvy burglars. Choose to share messages and photos privately, or just wait until you get home to post pictures of your great vacation.

Since burglars look for signs to evaluate if a house is unoccupied; uncollected mail, newspapers, or flyers at your doorstep can be a visible indication that no one is there. When planning your getaway, arrange with a friend or neighbor to pick up any deliveries left in sight, and if you live in an area with a lot of snowfall, you may want to hire someone to shovel your driveway and walkway so it appears as though someone is there.

Smart Home Security Equipment

Having a smart home security system has proven to be the most effective deterrent for burglars targeting unoccupied homes. For starters, a wireless cellular alarm system tops the list of deterrents for break-ins. A dedicated cellular alarm from Alarmforce does not have any wires that can be cut, ensuring a secure connection to our Central Monitoring Station. Burglars know that a signal will be transmitted with a quick response, which makes a property protected by Alarmforce an unwelcoming target for break-ins. The Alarmforce Logo displayed on our window decals and lawn signs is often enough to point thieves in a different direction.

Also at the top of the list for keeping burglars away are video surveillance cameras. Burglars want to avoid being seen, so when they notice video cameras watching for activity around your property, they know they face the possibility of being recorded and identified. Our video cameras also send out real-time notifications to your smartphone, and burglars know this would draw attention that something is happening at your property.

Proper lighting has also proven to be an effective deterrent for thieves. A dark house looks like a vacant house, but with the use of automated lights, you can create the appearance that someone is home by having the lights turn on and off while you’re gone. AlarmForce offers a selection of lightbulbs and plug-in lamp modules that make it simple to automate your indoor and outdoor lights.

We also install smart wall plugs which can be used to control an electronic device such as a TV or radio, through your mobile app or by pre-set schedules. Having these devices automatically turn on and off will give a convincing appearance that someone is home.

We welcome you to get in touch with us to find out how Alarmforce can make your home an undesirable target for criminals; with the help from our home automation devices, video cameras, and a dedicated cellular wireless security system.