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The Convenience of a Smart Door lock

on Feb 01, 2018

It used to be that the more secure you made your front door, the more inconvenient it became to let people into your house. Then, smart door locks arrived and changed everything. 

A smart door lock makes it easy to control who has access to your home, without having to compromise your security. You get to ditch those spare keys, including the one hidden under the planter by your door, and enjoy extra convenience and awareness instead. 

What defines a smart door lock? 

1: Keyless entry  

Our smart door locks feature a numerical keypad, which lets you unlock your door with a four-digit code instead of a physical key. This is convenient for providing keyless entry by creating a different code for each member of the family, and for trusted visitors such as neighbours checking on your house while you’re away. 

You can also schedule specific times when a code will work to provide entry to a visitor, and easily delete codes when they're no longer needed.

2: Remote locking and unlocking

Our smart door locks can be controlled through the AlarmForce mobile app, which enables you to lock and unlock your door remotely in real time, from anywhere. If someone forgets their code, it's easy to let them in, from wherever you are. 

When installed alongside one of our video doorbell cameras, your smart lock becomes part of a 'smart front door' solution that allows you to visually verify visitors from home or away, and then let them in.

For example, when a visitor rings the video doorbell, you can see who's there on your AlarmForce smartphone app, have a two-way conversation with them, and let them in by clicking the lock icon at the bottom of the video feed on your device. 

This is becoming an increasingly popular practice to avoid package theft when expecting deliveries. When the delivery person rings your doorbell, you can see them, speak with them, unlock your door, and watch as they place the package inside. As soon as they close the door, you can then lock it with the package securely inside.

3: Alerts

With a smart door lock you have the option to receive an alert when the door is unlocked, and you can tell who is there by the code used to open the door. For example, you can identify if it is the kids arriving home, or the dog walker entering to take your pet outside.

If you should happen to forget to lock your door on the way out, which is easily done when you're late for work or trying to hustle the kids into the car, your system proactively sends a locking reminder to your smartphone. Just tap it once to lock the door, you don't even need to turn around. 

If you're interested in integrating cutting edge smart lock technology into your home, you can click here and one of our knowledgeable representatives will be happy to provide you with more information.