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Smart Home Bundle – The Easy Way to Own Smart Home Technology

on Mar 15, 2018
Many people would like to have the control and convenience that smart home technology offers, but go without it due to the amount of technical knowledge and skills required to make it happen.

The problem

It can be time-consuming, confusing and frustrating to choose, install and configure the many devices involved in home automation. Buying devices off the shelf puts you on the hook for setting them up, adding them to your home network, and integrating all of them to work together. Not to mention the drilling, wiring, mounting and other physical jobs involved. The more devices and apps you have, the more complicated it can get.

The solution

The Smart Home Bundle from AlarmForce is the easy way to avoid all the hassles and skip right to enjoying the benefits of connected technology. We take care of it all for you, from selecting the best of the latest home security and automation devices, to having it all professionally installed and maintained for you. We offer free installation, and our technicians have the hi-tech tools and experience to quickly set up, configure and test your smart home system to ensure high performance. We make it simple for you to own and enjoy a smart home.


In addition to steering you clear of DIY frustration, we offer options to give you the most value from your smart home technology. Our Smart Home bundle gives you a full smart home setup without having to pay for it all upfront. This includes 24/7 professional security monitoring, ongoing customer and technical support, as well as a full house of connected devices working for you from day one.

You can also customize your smart home security package with the addition of several optional devices you may want, such as smart thermostats, doorbell cameras, smart locks and more. New devices can always be added later as your needs grow.


All of your equipment can be controlled remotely from a single mobile app on your smartphone, making your new smart home simple and easy to use from wherever you are.


With other state-of-the-art security features like Crash and Smash protection, notifications, and dedicated cellular connection, the protection you get with Alarmforce provides the best of both worlds; connected technology and home security peace of mind.
Want to stay connected and have control of what’s happening at your home from anywhere? Click here to have one of our representatives help you upgrade your home.