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Control Your Smart Home with Voice Assistant

on Mar 29, 2018

The popularity of voice activated home automation is increasing, and devices such as Google Home and Amazon Echo are enabling anyone to shout out commands to their home like they’re the Captain of their own Starship Enterprise.

While this can be fun and entertaining, these devices were ultimately designed to be used as a practical tool with a range of functions to make your life a little bit easier.

The way the voice assistant is used is by asking it questions or telling it to do things, and the list of ways that voice assistants can help is growing. Think of it as your own personal assistant that’s always ready to help, whether it may be to find information, or to control automation devices around the house.

Since AlarmForce is offering a free Google Home with our Smart Home package when an automated device is purchased, we’ll take a look at what you can do with the Google Assistant. Simply start by saying, “Ok Google”, or “Hey Google”, and the voice assistant will wake up from its sleep mode and be ready to respond to a wide range of requests.

Here are just a few examples of what's possible:


You can ask for details about the weather, such as the forecast for the day, the week, or up to 10 days in advance. Google remembers your previous question, so you can continue your prompts with “what about tomorrow?” or “how about this weekend?” You can also be more conversational with it, as it will answer questions like “Will I need an umbrella today?”


Enabling Google’s access to your location data, Google Assistant can get real-time traffic information before you head-out on the road. If you save your home and work locations in your Google account, you can ask “How long will it take to get to work?” or “What’s the traffic like on my way to work?” You can also ask for the best way to get to work or home, and based on current traffic patterns, it will suggest a route.


Google Home is fully integrated with Google Calendar, so it can list off what’s on your agenda for the day. For a quick rundown of what’s on your schedule, just ask the Assistant “Hey, Google. What’s on my agenda for the day?” You can also substitute “day” for “week” or ask for a specific date.


Google has been able to help you with reminders for some time, but Voice Assistance makes the process more conversational. Just tell Google “Set a reminder to pick up milk.” and from there it will prompt you to complete the reminder with details about time and location. Your reminders are also presented to you when you ask Google about your day’s agenda. Google Assistant will list your calendar events and then say “Don’t forget to pick up milk at 5:00 pm.”

Device Functions

This feature enables Google Home to integrate with your Smart Home security and automation devices. You now have more control over your home by using your voice. You can ask the assistant to “Arm” your alarm panel, adjust the thermostat, and control other smart devices around your house. For instance, saying “Hey, Google. Turn on living room lights”, will turn on the lights, or saying, “Ok Google, raise the temperature 2 degrees”, will adjust the thermostat to the perfect temperature.


Google Assistant also has quite a few surprises to keep you entertained. It can tell you jokes, sing songs, play games, talk about other voice assistants, give you background about itself, and a lot more. 

Google Home has the full range of typical Google Assistant functionality. Placing it in a central location within your house, you will have easy access to information such as calendar events, reminders, times, and more.

With the capability to control your home automation devices, it's the perfect addition to our smart home bundle, and for a limited time we are including a Google home for free, with the purchase of one of our home automation devices such as a smart door lock, remote garage door opener, or smart thermostat.

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